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It’s official – there are hardly any bikes anywhere at the moment. Most shops are struggling to get any bikes of any description and we’re getting up to 20 enquiries a day for bikes we don’t have. Here are some handy tips for getting yourself riding: Choose the type of bike – we’re mainly a shop selling mountain bikes, hybrids, kids’ bikes and generally mainstream bikes – not really expensive road bikes for the lycra – clad. So what do we get asked for every day?

  • Basic mountain bikes. The lowest priced mountain bike we’d ordinarily sell is the lowest of the Trek Marlin range, which would be £395 but the new models now will be £430 and upwards (there are different levels of Marlin). These have been sold out for months and totally unavailable. Expected delivery of 2021 stock is March or April. Maybe.
  • Basic Hybrids – slightly more availability, but not much
  • Ebikes – these are easier to get, but of course much more expensive. Expect to pay a minimum of £2400.
  • Frog Bikes for kids – we have a few, but Frog have run out and what’s left is left. You’ll be lucky to get one for Christmas if you order now, and that isn’t a flippant comment.

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