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Phone readout

Our new Shockwiz….

The ShockwizThe snow had passed and the sun was very much shining through the glass frontage of our little shop when a loud “it’s here” was heard from the workshop. Jordan and I had been excitedly awaiting our new ‘Shockwiz’ which we had ordered from Zyro Fisher, the UK’s distributor for Rockshox and SRAM products, having seen it reviewed online with a big bike mag.  The cycling industry is always full of innovation; there are companies looking to literally reinvent the wheel whilst others are happy just to plod along giving their products a refresh which could be nothing more than a new colour being added to the line.  Shockwiz is very much a new innovation filled with promise.

So, what is Shockwiz and why so much excitement….

Well, it’s a suspension tuning system for air sprung bikes that combines high tech gadgetry via an app on your phone (in my case an Iphone) and a dongle that you attach to your bike via the shock air valve.  It’s very clever and the phone interface is a doddle to use. I started by adding my profile to my phone which consisted of my bike and shock models (Fox 36 and Reactiv Float and Trek Remedy Carbon), my weight (a gentleman never shares) and tyre pressures (28-30psi) and even my altitude. Once in I can then set my type of riding style for which I selected Neutral-Active and pumped my shock to the recommended PSI.  Once complete I attach the small dongle and go and ride for 10-15 minutes. Once back I looked at the app and was told that I had various adjustments I could make such as Air Pressure, Low Speed Rebound, High Speed compression etc.  I made the suggested changes and was really surprised by how much of a change could be found by such small suggested adjustments.  It’s such a simple system that would afford so many that would consider setting up suspension to be such an art the ability to tune to their liking in a fun way.

It’s early doors for us with this new product and we will enjoy getting to use it more to set our customers bikes up how they like to ride but needless to say, we are smitten!  The Shockwiz will be available to hire (with a deposit) for all Deers Leap customers so please feel free to ask.

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