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14 Sep 2017


Think it’s early? Don’t forget that closer to Christmas, kids’ bikes become very rare things – every year we have many parents frantically searching for exactly the right size or colour of Frog bike  and ringing around every shop in the country, dashing to Huddersfield or Penzance on a last-minute mercy mission.

To avoid any such problems, just reserve your bike now! It couldn’t be easier – just pay a non-returnable 25% deposit and we’ll buy the bike in for you. You can see the bike straight away as soon as it arrives within a couple of days so you know we definitely have it, and it’ll be in our store waiting for you. You can pay as you please; each payment will be taken from the total using our ‘layaway’ system. Once the total is cleared you can pick up the bike any time (including Christmas Eve).

Any catches? The only thing is that you can’t get the 25% deposit back – we buy the bike on the basis that we’re going to sell it to you so if you don’t complete the payments the deposit is forfeit. We’ll keep the bike for six months for you though, so there’s plenty of time even after Christmas.

This layaway system is available all year round, so you can use it for birthdays too.

To reserve your bike, either come in or choose your bike online and call us on 01342 325858 to set it up for you. Payments can be by any means – cash, card or Paypal. We look forward to hearing from you!

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