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Repairs & Servicing



Bike Repairs and Servicing

Deers Leap Bikes offers a full repair and service facility – bike repairs couldn’t be simpler! Our mechanics are all Park Tools, ProTech and/or Cytech qualified, and we can work on most makes of bike. If you need a repair – anything from a puncture to a complete rebuild, bring your bike in and we’ll give you a quote.

We are open most days throughout the year, and bike repairs will mostly be carried out during the week as the shop can get very busy at weekends.

First service

If you have bought a bike from Deers Leap, we will service it for free for you after six weeks and up to 12 weeks from purchase.

Pick up for Servicing

In the RH19, BN7, BN8 and BN9 postcode areas we will pick up your bike and deliver it back to you for just £10 if you book a Level 2 service or above. Pickups and deliveries are organised when we are able to schedule them; please call.

Level 1 “MOT” – £35 + Parts Recommended every 3 to 6 months depending on use. A complete check of all the working parts of your bike

  • All of the components on your bike are checked to ensure they work properly, and we will correctly adjust them as needed.
  • The chain, hubs, headset and bottom bracket are checked for wear and adjustment.
  • Brakes are adjusted for correct braking and the pads are checked for wear (and replaced if necessary, cost of materials not include
  • Gears are adjusted for correct gear shifting; cogs are checked for wear.
  • Tyres are checked for wear and pressure. Once this check is complete, it’s usually the case that some parts will be needed. This could be minor parts like an inner tube, or some thing bigger and more expensive.

We Will:

  • Give you a brief verbal estimate of possible problems when you drop your bike off, to give you an idea of what might be needed;
  • Agree with you what would be acceptable to you for us to do without your further permission;
  • Call you if anything further is needed or unforeseen problems are found, so you have the option to proceed or cancel.

Level 2 Service – £55 + Parts Recommended every 6 – 12 months, depending on use. The full Level 1 “MOT” plus:

We will strip, clean and lubricate the drivetrain (chain and gear assemblies).

This is a bigger job than it sounds! (This is also the one you’ll ask for when ‘the bike has been in the garage for 2 years and you think it’s probably OK’).

Bike repairs at Deers Leap Bikes

Level 3 Service – £99 + Parts Recommended every 12 + months, depending on use. Everything in Level 1 & 2 of course, plus:

  • We strip the bike’s hubs, headset and bottom bracket, checking adjusting, re greasing and refitting everything. As always if we come across anything needing a replacement, we’ll either just get on with it if we’ve agreed with you beforehand, or call you for your decision.
  • Cables are cleaned or changed as needed
  • The bike is deep cleaned, with everything degreased and re greased.

Hydraulic Brakes Service – £25 each, £40 pair (Includes Fluid) + Parts if needed Recommended every 12 + months, depending on use. Everything in Level 1 & 2 of course, plus:

  • Complete brake bleed
  • Pad inspection
  • Hose inspection
  • Inspect and adjust caliper alignment and function
  • Inspect, adjust, straighten rotors

Bike repairs at Deers Leap don’t involve unnecessary expense – we don’t round up time or charge for unnecessary work or parts; we just ask for the time spent. Many jobs are hard to estimate for and often are grossly overcharged: for example one large chain of bike shops charge £12.50 to fit pedals! – this is usually a two minute job, but could occasionally be longer if the threads were damaged, so we’d normally charge around £3 plus the cost of the pedals. Our hourly mechanics’ rate is £36.00 which is the industry standard – but don’t be put off; most jobs don’t take long and we will call you if there’s a problem or we think it’ll be time consuming. Other jobs such as headset fitting, tyre fitting, new pedals, cables, handlebars, punctures: all charged at the standard rate.