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animated-santa-claus-image-0046Christmas Layaways!      animated-santa-claus-image-0410

Why not buy your Christmas present at Deers Leap Bikes using the ‘Layaway’ system? Simply pay a 25% deposit on the bike and we’ll ‘lay it away’ in our store. Pay the balance as and when you please, and pick up the bike just before Christmas.

The deposit is non-returnable don’t forget, but there are no catches, finance percentages or anything else – just pay the balance and collect your bike. Find out more on our Layaways page

A great way to budget in the run-up to Christmas!


Trek and Frog Kids’ Bikes

Buy Trek Kids' Bikes at Deers Leap


Frog Kids' Bikes at Deers Leap


At Deers Leap Bikes we sell the full range of bikes from Trek and Frog, two of the most popular kids’ bike manufacturers. Trek are one of the world’s biggest bike manufacturers, based in the USA, and Frog are a new favourite with UK consumers, being a British company making only kids’ bikes which are of the very best quality.


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