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Kids’ Party Information

Kids' Birthday parties in Sussex at Deers LeapBirthday Parties at Deers Leap – Information 

  All instructed activities and parties at Deers Leap are provided by The Trekking Company Ltd, a licensed provider of outdoor activities. Your contract for any instructed party or activity session is with The Trekking Company Ltd.

For more information about the Trekking Company, please go to


What information do we get when we book?

When you book, we’ll send you the information you need for your party. This will be:

1. A Course Agreement. This is your contract which you need to sign and return (we advise you to keep a copy). It has the details for your party on it. 
2. A document with general joining details, kit list, directions, medical form, frequent questions etc. This document is the same for all birthday parties and activity days for families, and contains nothing specific to your own group. For all admin, changes, payments etc to parties please call the main TrekCo office on 01273 487509.

Where do we meet?

Meet at Deers Leap. The address is: Deers Leap Bikes, Saint Hill Green, East Grinstead, RH19 4NG. if using a satnav, this will take you to a small triangular junction. Go South for 200m towards Sharpthorne and you’ll see our entrance clearly marked.The phone number is 01342 325858.

What’s your postal address?

Please send any post, contracts etc to the Trekking Company Head Office at:

Cranford House

Kingston Road,


BN7 3NB.

NB This is the office address only; no activities take place here!

What time should we arrive?

Please get to us about 15 minutes before your time slot. We aim to introduce ourselves, explain things and start activities straight away at the start of the time slot so that you get maximum activity time.

Is there an indoor space where we can eat?

At Deers Leap there is a cafe where you can book catering for parties, call 01342 325858 or mention this when you are booking. There aren’t any self-catering facilities, although you’re welcome to stay in the courtyard after your party, up until closing time. There are toilets and a courtyard for children to amuse themselves in, but please be careful to supervise all children as there are cyclists coming in and out of the courtyard as well as various normal hazards like walls in and around the courtyard.

Is there an outdoor space where we can have a barbecue in the summer? 
Yes, we have barbecue areas and grilles at Deers Leap that you can reserve for £20. They are about 200 yards from the car park at Deers Leap. There are safety rules for the barbie – mainly that you must have water and you must keep the fire supervised. There is a form to sign for this. Barbies must finish and the park be empty by 8.00pm latest; this is a local by-law connected with the use of Deers Leap.

What do we need to bring? 
Just make sure the children are clothed appropriately for the weather with rough, loose clothes that you don’t mind them getting dirty. The nature of most of our activities is rough and active, so please expect that clothing may be damaged and will certainly need washing.

What about medical conditions?
We have instructors who work with children with a wide variety of conditions. You do need to tell us in advance if you have a child coming who has any medical condition, whether you think it significant or not. Please ensure that they bring inhalers, epipens etc with them as needed.

It is important that other parents who are sending their children to us with your group are made fully aware of what their children will be taking part in.

Do I need to stay whilst the party is on?

Yes – we do need an adult present with the group, or at the very least on site. It is not possible to leave a group with us unsupervised; there must be a responsible adult (over 18 at a minimum) present at all times.

Booking Details – Money, Conditions etc. How do I book a party?

There are full details on the Booking a Party page

Do I need to send a deposit? 
Yes. Please send a £50 deposit for birthday parties. Cheques to ‘Deers Leap’ please, or call the main office on 01273 487509 to pay by card. Please make sure you clearly state which party you’re paying for! Do you have time slots for the parties? Yes, Parties are 10.00 – 1.00 or 2.00 – 5.00pm, to allow for staff to have a break in between. If your party is two hours (for example biking), then it can be the time you choose within that slot.

How early/late can I book?
Anytime you like; if we have a space then you can book. Just remember that you don’t have a booking until we receive the deposit, and the deposit is not refundable.

Can I transfer my £50 deposit to another day? 
Regrettably, no. The idea of the deposit is that once we get it, we’ll keep the day for you and tell anyone else it’s full. So we would be turning people away from that day – this means the deposit is forfeit if you change your mind.

What if I/someone else is ill? 
You’d need to claim on your insurance; unfortunately we still have to pay our staff and will have kept the time for you, so we’d still have to ask you for the payment. This is standard for any event.

What if I have fewer than 8 people? 
We still have to ask you to pay for 8 – that’s the minimum.

What’s the difference between Deers Leap and TrekCo? 
Deers Leap is a mountain bike park and shop, and we’ve contracted out all instructed activities to The Trekking Company as they are experts at running activities.

What if we have one child that can’t ride a bike? 
This is a tricky one. Clearly if the instructor is teaching the group, it’s not possible to teach one child to ride from the basics at the same time! It is important to ask parents of other children if their child can ride a bike. Do the children need to be expert riders? Not at all. We assume that there will be different ability levels and the instructor will act accordingly.

Can we split the group in two? 
You will have one instructor for up to 12 participants; over this and the instructor will have an assistant. If you have 12 or fewer, there will be one instructor.

What about safety, first aid and rescues?
All instructors are TrekCo instructors (see ) TrekCo is the company that runs Deers Leap, and we are an AALS Licensed company. This means that we are inspected by the government every year and hold an Adventurous Activities Licence. This licence isn’t needed for mountain biking, but it is an indication of a good standard of instruction and safety procedures in the company as a whole. Our Risk Assessments for all activities can be viewed at the TrekCo website too.All outdoor instructors must have a current First Aid certificate, and are police checked.

Do I need to go with the children?
We always prefer that an adult accompanies the group alongside the instructor. We do however recognise that this is not always possible; the decision is up to you. However there must be at least one adult who remains at Deers Leap during the party.