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At this time of year we are spring cleaning our stock, and loads of bikes are just waiting to be sold at an extreme bargain price. We have some ex-hire bikes, which are always a winner, from our well maintained fleet of Trek mountain bikes; and some bikes which have been demo bikes – sometimes used only once or twice to help customers with their bike choices. There are a few used bikes (‘pre-owned’ always sounds better), and a couple of ‘Manager’s Bikes’ – used bikes which have been owned, as you’d assume, by the shop Manager or a company director – always guaranteed to be the best kept second hand bikes on the market! Scratch and Dent bikes come straight from the manufacturer as ‘seconds’ – usually with a tiny scratch on the frame meaning a discount of hundreds of pounds. We’ve seen £1000 reductions because of tiny cosmetic marks!


Check out the Used Bike page here (this link no longer exists)

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