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Mountain Biking

Deers Leap Park Safety Information

Mountain biking at Deers Leap mountain bike park is a great experience but you need to be safe. Whether going for a walk or mountain biking, there are things to look our for!

Deers Leap is a large (230 acre) area of countryside consisting of fields and woodland with some small and large ponds and a number of hedgerows. There are many hazards in such an area and all users must assume personal responsibility for their use of the park. It is impossible, and would be undesirable, to remove every potential hazard in an area of countryside and users must expect to encounter hazards including, but not restricted to:

  • Wildlife including deer, bee and wasp nests, rodents
  • Fallen trees and branches
  • Ponds and permanently muddy areas with shallow water
  • Sudden dips and drops
  • Rocks
  • Mud
  • Streams
  • Ditches
  • Horses
  • Dogs
  • Quad Bikes

Users of the land must act with caution if they are unsure of anything and check it out before approaching, cycling or walking near it. If unsure, please avoid it! If you encounter anything you think unusual or is a hazard, please report it to the office as soon as possible.

Park Area and facilities

Mountain Biking – Skills Tracks and ‘North Shore’ There are several areas within Deers Leap Park where man made bike skills areas have been constructed. These include ‘Skills Tracks’, ‘Pump Tracks’ and general skills areas. There are areas of wooden bike track and bridges which are generically known in mountain biking as ‘North Shore’.

All of these areas must be approached with caution – only ride on elements of these tracks which you are certain are within your ability and then with caution. As with all other areas of the park helmets are compulsory, and you must check out where you are going to ride before you ride it. If you are about to ride a new area, dismount and check it out on foot before riding. This will not eliminate the hazard but it will reduce the likelihood of falling.

Outdoor Fitness Area
The outdoor fitness area consists of a variety of frames, ropes, tyres, obstacles etc on the south side of ‘Duck Paddock’. This must not be used by anyone unless you have signed the fitness area form in the shop. Users do so entirely at their own risk; Deers Leap accept no responsibility for use of the fitness area.

Pond areas
There are several seasonal ponds and a few permanent ponds in the woods at Deers Leap. Most of these are very shallow, but it would be possible for accidents to happen in them so please avoid them and supervise children in your care when near them.

The main pond where pond dipping occurs is in Duck Paddock. This pond can only be accessed via the gate except with extreme difficulty. Children must be supervised closely at all times and be kept within sight in this area. Unaccompanied children must not pass through the gate under any circumstances. This pond is in fact very deep (over 2metres) and you should not be deceived into thinking it is shallow water.