Bike Hire


Come and hire a bike from Deers Leap Bikes anytime! Just turn up – we have a big fleet of bikes to fit everyone.

We are a Trek store and have a wide range of Trek, GT and Saracen trail bikes available in our hire fleet.

Hire periods:

  • Half Day is 10.00 – 1.30 or 1.30 – 5pm
  • Full Day is any time during 10.00a.m. – 5.00pm winter; 10-6 summer
  • 2 hours is any 2 hour period


We have a large fleet of bikes but sometimes we have large groups or busy days, so if you want to guarantee getting a bike then please call us before you come – we’ll always do our best and it is very rare for us to have no bikes available, but it can happen!

We advise booking in advance if you want to be 100% certain, have a long journey to get here, or a large party – so if this is the case please call or email to check bike availability for your proposed dates. Payment must be made in full to reserve bike(s) for your booking. Your fee is refundable (minus a £5.00 per bike admin fee) up to 7 days before the hire date.

As different manufacturers have varying size ranges and geometry, we fit bikes based on your height, not the size of bike you normally ride. Therefore, when making a hire booking, please try to have approximate rider heights to hand.

Using your own bike – our ride fee is only £5.00. Please come to the shop and pay; we hope you’ll make use of our shop/snack bar in return for keeping fees low. Thanks.

Our bike wash is just 50p – buy a token in the shop.

At Deers Leap we supply only high quality hire bikes. Our basic bike retails at £400, and premium bikes reach over £2000 – so you’re hiring a good bike!

Group Hire
Guides, scouts, schools and many other groups come to Deers Leap – but make sure you book in advance so that your bikes are available! You can hire bikes as a group and simply sign our group indemnity forms – just call us on 01342 325858.

Group bike hire at Deers Leap













Ex Hire Bikes for Sale
Our hire fleet is on constant rotation to ensure that you get a great bike. If you like your bike and want to take it home, just ask and our staff will calculate a sale price based on the number of times the bike has been used and its condition.

If you have any questions regarding hiring bikes please call 01342 325858 or email:

Bike Hire Rates

Own Bike£5 all day
Time (cost includes £5 entry)2 hoursHalf dayDay
Standard Bike£15£17£25
Fat Tyre Bike£20
Electric mountain bike (hardtail)£25


Deers Leap Park Terms & Conditions

  • You may use the park under your own responsibility of you are aged 16 or over (proof required).
  • Deers Leap accepts no responsibility for anything whatsoever if you do not sign in and pay, and you will be asked to leave the park if this is the case.
  • You may use Deers Leap as a member of the public for walking as you please and there is no fee; however we do appreciate it if you come in to the shop beforehand just to tell us you are here. If you do not come into the shop, you may miss safety information regarding the park for which we cannot be responsible.
  • If you walk your dog at Deers Leap you are very welcome; however please make absolutely sure you pick up after your dog. We constantly have groups of children on the park and dog mess is dangerous as well as highly unpleasant. If you don’t do this, we will ask you not to return to the park.
  • Please do not bring dogs to the park if you are a professional dog walker.
  • Any groups wishing to use the park as a meeting point (for DofE etc), or for access to Stone Farm Rocks, are welcome as long as you come to the shop to let us know you are here. There may be important information, and if you don’t come in we cannot let you know what is happening on the park.
  • Groups wishing to use the park itself can do so by signing a Hirer Agreement – please contact us. There may be a fee payable.

Bike Hire Terms & Conditions

  • All hire bookings require payment in full. We are unable to hold or reserve bikes until they have been fully paid for.
  • Under the terms of our hire agreement, accident and/or crash damage is chargeable to the hirer.
  • Deers Leap reserves the right to terminate the hire agreement and take possession of hire bikes, without refund if, in the opinion of company staff, the bikes are being used in a reckless manner or being wilfully abused.
  • Helmets are included in the bike hire price and must be used at all times.
  • We require photo ID (driving licence or passport) to be left with us for the duration of the hire period.
  • Our bikes are for use in Deers Leap only; bikes may not be removed from the park.
  • All hire bikes come supplied with flat pedals only.
  • Hirers must be aged 18 or over unless accompanied by an adult.
  • You must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions for using the park and sign the Disclaimer. Please see general park safety notes here

Mountain Bikers Responsibility Code

  • Always carry a mobile phone and make sure it is charged before you leave the house.
  • Avoid riding alone, it’s safer and more fun to ride with your friends.
  • Stay in control at all times. It is your responsibility to avoid crashing into other riders and objects around you!
  • Be respectful and aware of other riders varying skill levels, relax and have fun. Mean People won’t be tolerated.
  • Do not stop where you obstruct the trail or are not visible from above.
  • When entering a trail or starting downhill, you must look uphill and give way to other riders coming down the trail.
  • Respect the trail gradings, read the grading descriptions, start on the easy trails and do not ride trails that are beyond your current level of ability.
  • If a rider is hurt, do not move them, notify Deers Leap staff immediately.
  • Keep off closed trails and forest areas and obey all signs and warnings.
  • Stay on marked trails only.
  • Only ride the trails during opening hours, any riders found riding when the park is closed will have their bike park privileges revoked and we reserve the right to ban riders from the park.
  • Respect your environment; take your litter home with you!
  • Keep out of Deers Leap if your ability is impaired through the use of drugs or alcohol.
  • Be friendly, courteous and respectful to your fellow riders, poor conduct will not be tolerated.
  • Riders under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult (over 18) at all times.
  • Please help us maintain the park. If you see a problem on the trails report it to us.
  • Know your limits.
  • You must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions for using the park and sign the Disclaimer. Please see general park safety notes here
  • Have fun, ride safe!