Get ready for 2017 with £20 Servicing!

Here at Deers Leap we’re taking you one step ahead. In the middle of winter you’re probably not doing as much riding as you will be in a few months’ time. But don’t let the season fool you – steal a march on spring.

Every bike shop will tell you that customers arrive in April and May in their droves having dragged their dusty bike from the garage, saying’ “I think this might need a bit of a service”. Normally it does, and there’s a wait for it to be done alongside everyone else’s.
We’re offering a Level 1 Service for just £20 in January, so your bike will be ready to go in the spring before everyone else and you’ll have saved money!
Bring your bike in before 31st January to take advantage of this fantastic seasonal offer. We’ll be able to complete the work faster, and you won’t have to rush around at the last minute…. a no-brainer?
Call us on 01342 325858 or just turn up!